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Amazing Instructor

Nicole Alvarez, Esq.

January, 2021

 "This training course was excellent in that it covered all aspects of mediation as well as provided all the tools to be the best mediator.  Geraldine was an amazing instructor."

Great Insight

Julissa R. Hernandez, Esq.

January, 2021

"I truly enjoyed attending the Florida Supreme Court Approved Family Mediation Certification Training.  I feel that it gave me great insight for my family law practice and for my future use as a mediator."

Thoroughness Prepared me for Mediation

Stephon Price Esq.

Orlando, FL

January, 2021

"This course provides comprehensive training, real world examples and practical experience.  The thoroughness prepared me for mediation and the training has made me a more effective lawyer in my normal non-mediation practice.  Geraldine is an excellent trainer, instructor and example". 

Bringing Years of Experience to Life

Tracy B. Newmark, Esq.

June 8, 2020

"Geraldine Waxman is an amazing instructor who brings her years of experience to life for her students.  She really showed us how to open our eyes and see more than one side of every situation.  She helped us identify issues, turn around positions and was very patient with everyone, attorney and  non-attorneys alike." 

Helping to Bring About Change

Marlon K. Bennett Esq. Law Offices of Marlon K. A. Bennett, PA

June 11, 2020

"I couldn't be more satisfied with the training received from your program.  The practical takeaways from the role plays gave me insight into how an effective mediator can be of value in identifying the root cause of a dispute and helping to bring about change.  Kudos to my fellow participants for the energy they brought to the sessions.  I know I was given a good foundation on which I can build to become an effective mediator." 

Best CME I Have Attended

Karen Munzer

Attorney at Law

"Geraldine, Thank you for a professional and productive CME.  I liked the small group setting and the ability to network and interact.  So much better than a boring lecture on MEAC opinions.  I will venture to say it was the best CME I have attended.  The technology portion was amazing.  I will definitely continue to take my CME requirements with you.  You are the best."

Shared Knowledge & Expertise

Ana C. Berenguer, Esq.

"Geri is very knowledgeable and has many years of experience. The training is extremely  helpful if you want to become a mediator or sharpen your negotiating skills."

An Interactive & Entertaining Learning Experience

Evan Fish, Esq.

"Geri is better than the best.  Her views on mediation are extremely pure and based on real knowledge she has accumulated over the years.  Don't delay, choose Geri today!"

Unmatched Materials & Motivation

Honorable Ana Maria Pando

(judge retired)

"I have never attended a better seminar. The trainer was excellent. She kept us interested and on point during long hours. The role playing gave me a sense of accomplishment."

Beyond Expectations

D. Fred Dedrick, Dedrick Family Law & Mediation PA, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

"Thanks, Geraldine.  I enjoyed both days far more than I ever expected!!  I will most assuredly be seeing you again for my future CME's!"