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Shared Knowledge & Expertise

Deborah Giles, M.Ed.

"I am very pleased I chose your classes!  The weekend schedule allowed me to have no disruptions with my job.  You, Meah and the other presenters are knowledgeable and wise, I am grateful you were all willing to share your expertise.  The camaraderie of the class was wonderful.  I learned a great deal from everyone.  I am glad I chose your class, Geraldine!" 

An Interactive & Entertaining Learning Experience

Caryn Goldenberg Carvo, Caryn Goldenberg Carvo Attorney At Law, Fort Lauderdale, FL

I took the Family Mediation Training with Geri Waxman and Meah Tell.  Having already been certified as a civil circuit mediator, and being a practicing family lawyer, I was concerned that there was little left for me to learn.  How wrong I was!


Their training methods and procedures presented in a fun and challenging way helped me learn information necessary for my certification.  There was also the added benefit of improving my mediation skills as a mediator and as an attorney representing clients at mediation.


The course covered a lot of information and was delivered in an interesting and entertaining way that was easy to absorb. Most of all, the fact that it was done in a small group, was the best way to have an interactive and instructive experience. 


I recommend their training courses as a way to hone your skills and become a good (or better) mediator. 

Unmatched Materials & Motivation

Brenda B. Shapiro, Esq., Law Offices of Brenda B. Shapiro, LLC, Miami, FL

"I have been through two trainings before you several years apart and you and Meah are the best.  A+!  None of other materials I received in the past can match yours.  I learned more in your training program than I did previously and am more motivated than ever.  I will tell everyone you are the best game in and out of town!"

Beyond Expectations

D. Fred Dedrick, Dedrick Family Law & Mediation PA, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

"Thanks, Geraldine.  I enjoyed both days far more than I ever expected!!  I will most assuredly be seeing you again for my future CME's!"