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There is no greater compliment than when a client congratulates us on a job well done. Please share your thoughts with us. We'll share it here!

Thank you for your testimonial. We greatly appreciate your feedback.


Amazing Instructor

Shannon Maurice,

Ph. D. Candidate in Conflict Analysis and Resolution.

September, 2021

"My experience at Family Mediation Training Florida was extraordinary! The training was rich and relevant in content. Geraldine (Geri), the primary trainer, delivered the material in clear, digestible pieces, while supplying the perfect dash of humor throughout the 5 days. The curriculum included both theory and practice. Additionally, Geri provided a framework of to move forward as a business in this field.

I felt comfortable to ask questions during class and she made herself available during breaks to answer any additional questions the participants may have had. I walked away with solid transferable skills that I'm confident will make me a great family mediator! 

Thank you for everything Geri!"

Great Insight

Lisa M. Gelman JD.

September, 2021

"As a person who values when one knows how to speak to people, I am in awe and admiration of Geri's skills. You will want to soak up all you can from her mentorship and training. She is easy to pay attention to, and you will leave feeling you have grown."

Thoroughness Prepared me for Mediation

Stephon Price Esq.

Orlando, FL

January, 2021

"This course provides comprehensive training, real world examples and practical experience.  The thoroughness prepared me for mediation and the training has made me a more effective lawyer in my normal non-mediation practice.  Geraldine is an excellent trainer, instructor and example". 

Bringing Years of Experience to Life

Tracy B. Newmark, Esq.

June 8, 2020

"Geraldine Waxman is an amazing instructor who brings her years of experience to life for her students.  She really showed us how to open our eyes and see more than one side of every situation.  She helped us identify issues, turn around positions and was very patient with everyone, attorney and  non-attorneys alike." 

Helping to Bring About Change

Marlon K. Bennett Esq. Law Offices of Marlon K. A. Bennett, PA

June 11, 2020

"I couldn't be more satisfied with the training received from your program.  The practical takeaways from the role plays gave me insight into how an effective mediator can be of value in identifying the root cause of a dispute and helping to bring about change.  Kudos to my fellow participants for the energy they brought to the sessions.  I know I was given a good foundation on which I can build to become an effective mediator." 

Best CME I Have Attended

Karen Munzer

Attorney at Law

"Geraldine, Thank you for a professional and productive CME.  I liked the small group setting and the ability to network and interact.  So much better than a boring lecture on MEAC opinions.  I will venture to say it was the best CME I have attended.  The technology portion was amazing.  I will definitely continue to take my CME requirements with you.  You are the best."

Shared Knowledge & Expertise

Chrystal Martin Thornton 


"Geri, I learned so much from your course, not only how to be a good mediator, but also a great person. Thank you!"

An Interactive & Learning Experience

Jeffrey P. Wasserman


"I had lots of options in taking the course to get recertified, but Gerry is the best and I wanted to be in her class. Her experience is invaluable in training future mediators."

Unmatched Materials & Motivation

Honorable Dale Cohen 

(judge retired)

"Thank you again Geraldine. It was a pleasure to meet you. You are truly great at what you do. I learned so much. Hopefully I don't forget anything."

Beyond Expectations

Ursula Wolff


"Excellent program! I highly recommend getting your family mediation certification here - Geri, the principal instructor and trainer, has an amazing ability to convey all relevant information effectively and bring your focus to the important issues at hand. Her experience and vast knowledge ensure that you are learning from the best in the field. During the entire seminar there was always room for questions - not one was unanswered. The small group atmosphere ensured that we all received the hands-on training we need to succeed as new family mediators. Best training program ever!"

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