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5 Day training Certification includes; 48 CLE Credits Approved (4.0 Ethics, .5 Bias Elimination)

We are a Florida Supreme Court Family Mediation Training Program.  Why are we unique?  For your convenience our forty hour program is given only on two consecutive weekends.  Whether you are in business or a student, you won't be losing valuable time.  You will have the week in between to reflect on what you have learned, have time to think of new questions for your teachers and if you are not familiar with any of the subject matter to be able to review and re-read it.  Importantly, we are unique in providing the trainee with two full days of role plays, unlike other programs. This provides the trainee with as many as twelve role plays to either participate in or observe "real life" situations with review from experienced coaches.

For more information regarding Continuing Mediation Education please call our office at 954-476-6687 

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